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TEG Specializes in:

We specialize in everything that may meet your unique needs including: Professional Recording, Professional Mixing, Professional Mastering, Professional Editing, Acoustics/Design Consulting, Vocal Tuning, Vocal Comping, Arranging, Session Conversions, Time Alignments, Compositions, Productions, Instrumentals, Remixing, Album Production, Replication/Duplication, Live Sound Reinforcement / Touring, & Audio Visual Systems Contracting/Installation for our clients musical projects , film/video projects, or conferences/events.

T.E.G. Audio Expertise Solutions

01. Professional Recording 

02. Professional Mixing 

03. Professional Mastering 

04. Professional Editing 

05. Vocal Tuning 

06. Vocal comping

07. Productions / Instrumentals 

08. Programming 

09. Remixing  

10. Session Conversions

11. Dialogue Editing 

12. Post Mixing 

13. Post Editing 

14. Time Alignments

15. Audio Forensics 

16. Live Sound Reinforcement/Touring [per concert, per conference, per event] 


01. Copyright registration 

02. ASCAP/BMI/SESAC registration 

03. SoundExchange registration 

04. ISRC/UPC codes 

05. Digital distribution setup, placement, and integration 

06. Pandora submissions 

07. Planning release campaigns 

08. Media buying and placement 

09. Licensing and library submissions 

10. Sonicbids submissions/management 

11. Artist Management 

12. Artist Development 

13. Marketing: Brand Building 

14. Promotion 

15. A&R Consulting 

16. Radio Airplay 

17. Tour/Concert Performances 

18. Music Distribution 

19. CD Pressing 

20. Music Registration 

21. Press 

22. Public Relations (PR) 

23. Social Media Management 

24. Social Media Marketing 

25. Music Supervision 

26. Music Licensing 


01. Website Design & Development

02. Merchandising

03. YouTube Marketing 

04. Facebook Marketing 

05. Twitter Marketing

06. Filmography 

07. Graphic Design 

08. Creative Writing Services 

09. Artist Branding Strategy 

10. Campaign Development 

11. Bandcamp Setup/integration

12. WordPress Development

13. Audio Platform Set Up

14. Marketing/Advertising Materials:

  • Create Brochures / Mini Brochures
  • Posters / Displays
  • Billboards 
  • Flyers
  • Post Cards
  • Direct Mail Packages
  • Self Mailers 
  • Banner Ads
  • Space Ads
  • Digital Designs
  • Email Sales
  • Lift Notes
  • Order Forms
  • Create Sales Letter
  • Commercials / Infomercials  
  • Press Release 

*Now* you can conveniently achieve professional crystal clear sound for your projects in our acoustically treated studio rooms which is dedicated to mixing & more for your projects by Traskz Entertainment Group and save yourself the extra cost of traveling.   

In addition, T.E.G. provides services for the Film Industry aiding in: Dialogue Editing, Post Mixing & Editing, Voice - Overs / ADR for TV & Movies, Time Alignments, Compositions, Productions, and Instrumentals.   

The president of our company Lance Traskz Lowery is also a Private Pro-Tools Instructor offering Classes and Training, Music Lessons, Artist Administrative Services, Fan Building, Branding, & Social Media Services.   

We have developed unerring procedures which will give you the opportunity to work with Traskz Entertainment Group, LLC. Your Music, Flim, Material / Projects have the right to sound as clear and incredible as other artist, directors, etc... with mega budgets!   

THIS IS THE CHANCE to have your projects worked on by qualified Audio Engineers - with a Science Degree in Recording Arts & Bachelor Degree in Entertainment Business & Law!   Who has worked on Major & Indie Projects!

Traskz Entertainment Group is conscious of how critical a mix can be to the progress & success of a song. Traskz Engineering can make your material sound like it should. T.E.G. goal is to propose several plans that will assist and benefit clients who, in most cases, would not have the resources to work with Traskz Entertainment.   

Day-to-day operations here at Traskz Entertainment Group consists of hourly sessions, where clients may utilize the equipment and recording knowledge of the studio to produce high quality crystal clear audio recordings, which can be either musical or nonmusical in nature from our Audio Engineering Expertise Solutions. We sell recording time by the hour; however, some clients will be negotiated "day rates" and "song rates," allowing projects a small discount if a block of time is needed.   

Traskz Entertainment Group offers professional mixing after the recording process, to attain the correct volumes, levels, EQ’s, effects, etc… for clarity and quality purposes.    

After the mixing process our mastering services, helps take music projects one final step in the completion of the recording. The mastering will sonically polish songs to sound their best on a variety of playback systems, cleaning up the editing in the track and producing a final radio-or sales-ready-masterpiece. Our clients receive everything they may need to take their project out the door & ready for everyone’s CD player, iPods, iPhones, iPads, iTunes, Mp3 Players, Etc   

Traskz Entertainment Group strives to use the latest techniques and most high-tech equipment to make the best recordings in the marketplace.    

These recordings will mainly be used by musicians/labels as promotional tools, allowing them to also sell the songs for a profit.  After our professional recording, mixing, & mastering process is complete, our artist administration division here at Traskz Entertainment Group then helps further our client’s careers.

Clearly, Traskz Entertainment Group feels properly positioned to be a top resource for the growing professional entertainer and pro audio market in the Central Florida area.    

Another smaller but equally important segment is our corporate clients/market. These customers require smaller-scale projects, including music beds ( "elevator music”, the "on hold" music you hear on the telephone and music you hear in commercials), announcements, telephone menu messages, voice over productions, voice-over recording for training videos, Internet-ready podcasts for employees or investors, audio book readings, training/tutorial audio recordings, audio for television & radio advertisements, and more.   

Traskz Entertainment Group attracts Musicians, Artist, Producers/Production Houses, Film Directors, Labels, Businesses, & Corporate clients in the media industry who are interested in recording in our facility (solo performer & bands) to utilize our professional audio solutions & to help develop their brand through our promotional outlets, radio promotions, internet marketing, record label consultation, booking, distribution, or artist Development.   

We help local musicians needing demos, recordings for release digitally or via CD, or for Internet-based based promotional purposes. 
















· Marketing/Advertising  

· AND MORE  (call 1(800) 307-1518 & inquire about our Artist Admin Services)   

With our equipment variety, equipment quality, and technical skills being our primary strengths of Traskz Entertainment Group, our primary targets are working Musicians, Artist, Producers/Production Houses, Film Directors, Labels, Businesses, with a need for recorded material for promotional and sale purposes & our Corporate clients for production of advertising audio.     

Traskz Entertainment Group, LLC.  
*Audio/Visual -Telecommunication Firm 

*Acoustics/Design Consulting Company 

*Performance Facility 

*Educational Facility 

*Production Company 

*Replication Company 

*Private Recording Studio 

*Mobile Production Company 

*Film/Video – Studio/Production Company 

*Post Production Company 

*Live Sound Reinforcement/Touring Company 

*Audio/Visual Systems Contracting/Installation Company